Medieval Section


Anyone who feels that their work may be of interest to our readers is cordially invited to contact the Editor at the earliest possible opportunity. A peer-reviewing process of the kind used for YAJ and other established academic journals is not in operation but it may be possible to arrange for someone to read and comment on a draft article.

Guidelines for contributions:

  • Article length - 1,000 to 5,000 words preferred
  • References to other published work in a style appropriate to the subject
  • Submit in electronic form using MS Word or a pdf file for the main text.
  • Photographs or diagrams should be submitted as separate files in tiff, jpeg or psd format, with a note in the main text showing where they should be placed.
  • The author is responsible for ensuring that the
  • owner of any copyright pictures or other material has given consent for their publication in this journal

Editorial contact:

We hope to publish ‘Medieval Yorkshire 2016’ towards the end of the year. The deadline for contributions will be mid-September. Keep an eye on the Section’s web pages and ‘blog’ for further information.